Welcome to our V-Twin Brands website, home to Red Torpedo, Ton Up Clothing, Mean Bird Motorcycle Clothing and the clothing ranges we design and build for our Heritage Brand Partners, Ace Cafe London, Vincent and Velocette.

Our No Shit No Sweat values continue to support our reputation for producing superior quality casual clothing. It’s been our point of difference from day one and is now part of our design and build DNA

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Ton Up Clothing
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Heritage Brands - Vincent
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We design and spec all our clothing from our HQ in the UK, and specify only high quality fabrics and trims.

That’s why our gear lasts for years, not months, giving you, our customers real value for money.


We send our specs to selected suppliers in Europe who are on the same page as us with our quality values, who treat their workforce fairly, and respectfully, and reward their skills and attention to detail with a decent wage.

That way we have a clear conscience and so do you.

It’s not rocket science, it's just the way we work to ensure you get great gear for your money, and that everyone involved gets a fair deal.